Tanning Beds

Cyber_Tech_Genesis_226G_CookevilleDeluxe Unit

20 Minute Tanning
Cyber Tech Genesis 226G
Genesis super lamps and powercell ballasts
26 120 Watt Genesis Lamps
No facial lamps

Cyper_Tech_Genesis_232G_Tanning_BedUltra Unit

15 Minute Bed
Cyper Tech Genesis 232G
20% More Tanning Power
32 120 Watt Genesis Lamps
11 High Res Facial Lamps



10 Minute Bed
Cyber Tech Platinum 232PF
High Resolution/High Performance
A Favorite for A.M. and Lunch Time Tanners
32 120 Watt 10x Genesis Lamps
11 Genesis HRF Facial Lamps


Sun_Dash_332_Sun_Tan_Bed15 Minute Bed
Cyber Tech Genesis 332GF
High Resolution/High Performance
32 120 Watt 10x Genesis Lamps
1 High Pressure Facial Lamp



Super_Sundash_240G_Total_Body_TanningPreium Unit

15 Minute Bed
Super Sundash 240G
Deep Dish/Total Body Tanning
20 170 Watt Genesis RUVA Lamps
20 120 Watt Genesis Lamps


Sportarredo Ringo Green15 Minute Bed
Sportarredo Ringo Green
Stand Up / Total Body Tanning
VERTICAL tanning booth
39 160 Watt Bulbs
Highly efficient UV light!




Avantgarde_600_Tanning_BedBronzing Unit

15 Minute Bed
Avantgarde 600
Recumbant Body Wave Acrylic
47 VHO-RUVA Full Body Lamps
3 500 Watt VIT Facial Lamps
7 25 Watt Shoulder Tanning Lamps
Air Flow Body Cooling System
Voice Guide