Heavenly Host Lutheran School Sponsor

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Heavenly Host Lutheran School Sponsor

Millennium Tanning is a Sponsor for “Heavenly Host School” in Cookeville, TN. Millennium has enjoyed supporting the community with our local school (Heavenly Host).

Heavenly Host Lutheran School (Information)

Heavenly Host Lutheran School (HHLS), located in Cookeville, Tennessee, is committed to a complete program of Christian education. Our educational program includes children from age one through the 8th grade. We offer small class sizes that focus on all aspects of Christian life. This includes physical, cognitive, social, emotional, creative, and spiritual growth. Our school’s goal is to equip our students both spiritually and academically, and enable our students to reach their full potential as Christian individuals and responsible, productive citizens.

In cooperation with Heavenly Host Lutheran Church, we provide this quality educational experience as a response to God’s love for His people by sharing the Gospel with those entrusted to our care. We want to nurture students and their families in Christian love as they grow in knowledge, attitudes, and skills. Christian education at Heavenly Host Lutheran School accepts Christianity as the faith that encompasses all of life. The education at HHLS is Bible-based. The Christian faith is taught as a complete body of God-inspired truths, which integrates every area of the curriculum.